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The Fund offers coverage for its retired members under the Retiree Health Benefits Plan. If you retire on or after April 1, 1995, with a service, normal, early or disability pension and meet the Plan’s other eligibility requirements, you and your eligible dependents are eligible for the New England Carpenters Retiree Health Benefits Plan. There are three requirements:

  1. You must be eligible for 5 out of the past 10 coverage periods
  2. You must be covered by the Health Plan the period prior to your application for the Retiree Health plan
  3. You cannot have any other coverage, i.e. individual or group plans, including Medicare
  4. You must share in the cost of the coverage with the Fund
  5. You must be collecting a pension from the NECPF or the UBC Carpenters Pension Fund
  6. You must be a dues paying member in good standing
  7. You may NOT re-enroll in the plan after terminating coverage