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How do I find out how much pension credit I have?What does “vested” mean?If I retire early, will I get a smaller pension?What happens if I get married?

How do I find out how much pension credit I have? 

You will receive an annual pension statement reflecting your work history and the total number of pension and vesting credits earned. You may also contact the Fund Office directly or visit the members-only pages on our website.

What does “vested” mean? 

When you are vested, your pension cannot be taken away from you, even if you stop working in covered employment before retirement. You are considered vested if after 1/1/99 you’ve earned five years of vesting service. You are credited with one year of vesting service for each Plan Year (January 1 — December 31) in which you work at least 840 hours in covered employment.

If I retire early, will I get a smaller pension? 

Yes. If you start your pension prior to age 62 (or 65, depending on your work history), the monthly amount will be reduced to account for the fact that you’ll be receiving a monthly benefit over a longer period of time. The exceptions are for the service pension or the disability pension—for these types of pensions, no reduction applies at any age.

What happens if I get married? 

If you get married before your pension starts, your spouse will become your automatic beneficiary after you have been married for one year. If you get married after your pension starts, your pension benefit will not change. Don’t forget to contact the Fund Office if your marital status changes.