Vacation Fund

  > Eligibility and Participation

A portion of employee wages are withheld hourly from their net pay and distributed in the form of a vacation payout annually on December 1st. Interest or Fees may apply annually.

Current Vacation Fund contributions are listed below:

  • Metro Boston Carpenters contribution is $1.47 per hour
  • Eastern Massachusetts Carpenters Contribution is $0.59 per hour
  • Woodframe Local 723 Contribution is $0.69 per hour
  • Northern New England Carpenters contribution is $0.25 per hour
  • Floor Coverers Local 2168 contribution is $1.33 per hour
  • All Millwrights contribution is $1.00 per hour

All Vacation Fund participants have the option of diverting a maximum of .05 cents an hour to any one of the three political action (PAC) funds. An authorization card must be filled out and submitted to the Fund office prior to participation in any of the PAC funds.

For more information about the Vacation Fund, please contact the Fund office at 800-344-1515 (Option 4, then 3) to speak to a Vacation Fund representative.