For many years Stamp “coupons” were purchased by Employers through the Central Collection Agency (CCA) and then distributed to members along with paychecks for the number of hours worked. Members were expected to keep their “Book” up to date with coupons and paystubs. If Stamp coupons were not distributed, the members were expected to call the Central Collection Agency (CCA) to report “Missing Stamps”.

About 12 years ago the Stamp (Benefits) purchase process was updated to an online website. Members’ names were listed on the Stamps that were distributed by the employers and could still be saved in the “Book”. Members were still expected to call the “Missing Stamp Hotline” if Stamps were not distributed.

As of May 2020, employers are no longer required to print and distribute stamps after purchasing Benefits. There are thousands of members who have registered for the Member portal and are able to see their work history for the current year and the previous year; including Reciprocal (Money Follows the Man) hours, which previously could not be tracked easily. It is a great tool to check all member benefits including health eligibility (current and future status), vacation and annuity account balances, and pension information. Members are strongly encouraged to save all paystubs for the year in an envelope so that they can be referenced easily if Benefits have not been paid by an Employer.

If a member does not see his/her benefits on the portal please call the “Missing Stamp Hotline” at (800) 344-1515 (Option 7) and leave the following information: Your name, Social Security Number or UBC Number, employer’s name, project location, payroll period, and the number of hours not reported. An email can also be sent to with the same information.

for employers

Point.Click.Remit. (The E-stamp Program)

The current version of the Employer Self Service (ESS) / Point Click Remit system is linked under the Employers tab. The system allows Employers to report Carpenters who worked by: Agreement, Job Category or Level, Worked Local by Project (not the Member’s Home Local, please select the Worked Local) and Date of the Worked Week.

Members are identified for reporting purposes by UBC number or Social Security number only – not by name.

Employers cannot add new members to the system. Existing members that are new to an Employer can be found using the identifiers above. If you need to add a new Member, or a Member who has not been reported previously to this Fund, contact the Central Collection Agency (CCA) with the new member’s W4 available to be faxed or sent as an imaged attachment, as this is required, and we will create a record for the member.

If the Agreement that you are trying to report under is not linked to your account, then you will need to contact the Central Collection Agency (CCA), who will add that agreement accordingly.

You may open an agreement and find that due to not reporting any hours under that agreement for an extended period (generally greater than 90 days) you have no existing members, and cannot add members back in. If this occurs, contact the Central Collection Agency (CCA) who will have to change the reporting type to allow specific members to be re-added under the agreement. As long as there are regular reports under an agreement, members will be retained and new members will be able to be added without any problem.