For information on your medical benefits, please view the following documents:

Summary Benefits Coverage Plan I
Summary Benefits Coverage for Plan II
Summary Benefits Coverage for Plan III
Independence Administrators Benefit Summary Plan I
Independence Administrators Benefit Summary Plan II
Independence Administrators Benefit Summary Plan III

Independence Administrators Telemedicine by Teladoc

In addition to your medical coverage the Fund offers enhancing virtual care benefits offered to Participants by moving to a new provider, Teladoc. Teladoc’s network of providers is amongst the largest in the nation making access to virtual care even easier. The new benefits are available 24/7 and will be replacing the current MDLIVE virtual care provider. There will be a regular office copay according to your Plan for Teladoc services, the same as a regular office copay. For more information please visit

How to set up your Teladoc Health: Teladoc Telemedicine


EyeMed Vision Program
The EyeMed Vision Program is a network of private doctors under contract to provide routine eye exams and eyeglasses. Network doctors are located throughout New York. To find a doctor near you, call EyeMed Customer Service: (866) 229-1358 or visit their website at

For more information about EyeMed: EyeMed Vision Benefit Summary

Retirees and surviving spouses must call the Fund office first!
Call your local Health Fund Department before using your vision benefits if you are a:

  • Retired Participant (or spouse) who is collecting a pension from the North Atlantic States Carpenters Pension, or the UBC Carpenters Pension Plan, and maintaining their union membership.
  • A surviving spouse who is receiving the pension of a retired participant who was a union member at the time of his or her death.

Prescription Drugs

The Plan offers benefits for prescription drugs through Express Scripts at retail pharmacies and through a mail-order program at

For more information, refer your Summary Plan Description or your plan’s Summary of Benefit Coverage.

For more information about Express Scripts:
Express Scripts Prescription Benefit Summary
Express Scripts Generics Home Delivery Mobile App


If you are an active member and eligible for medical coverage dental coverage you may be able to purchase dental coverage through Delta Dental by visiting their website

For more information, refer to your Dental Coverage Summary for details.

Life Insurance

Effective April 1, 2023, the Health Fund has a new vendor, MetLife, for Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) benefits. To be eligible for this benefit you must be eligible for coverage under the active plan and not collecting a Pension from the North Atlantic States Carpenters Pension Fund at the time of your death. Participants on COBRA are not eligible for Life Insurance benefits.

The benefits are as follows:

Active Participant: The amount of coverage for an Active participant is $25,000. This amount will be paid tax free to your designated beneficiary.

Spouse of Active Participant: The amount of coverage for the death of a legal spouse of an Active Participant is $2,000. This amount will be paid tax free to the Participant.

      AD&D Benefits:
  • Dependents are not covered under the AD&D benefit.
  • The AD&D benefit is payable in addition to and separate from the Life Insurance benefit.
    Benefits are payable if the loss is a direct result of any injury caused by an accident.
  • Please refer to the February 2023 SMM for detailed information.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

In addition to your medical coverage the Fund offers an Employee Assistance Program through Katherine Greer Associates – KGA that provides free, confidential assistance for you and your family members when confronting stress, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and job or family problems. To contact the KGA Employee Assistance Program, call (800) 648-9557 or visit them online at using company code: carpenters.

For more information about KGA: Members Assistance Program KGA


The plan offers benefits for hearing through TruHearing, you can try our free, fast online screening by visiting (accessible from a tablet, computer or smart phone), you can also learn more and schedule an appointment by phone at (877) 760-7681 Ext. 771 don’t forget to mention that you are a member of the North Atlantic States Carpenters Benefits Fund. Hours: 8am-8pm, Monday-Friday or by visiting their website at

For more information about TruHearing: Information about TruHearing


The Health Fund sponsors comprehensive medical, prescription drug, hearing and vision benefits to Medicare eligible retirees through the Blue Medicare Advantage Plan. Coverage is available to eligible retirees and spouses who are eligible for Medicare.

Dental coverage is also available and optional through Delta Dental.

For more details in the Retiree Health Plan refer to your “Blue Medicare Advantage Plan” at


Generally, you are eligible to continue your health coverage COBRA, also known as The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. COBRA gives employees and their dependents the right to continue their employer group health insurance for a limited period of time due to involuntary loss of coverage; loss of hours, death of covered employee, termination, divorce or legal separation, entitled to Medicare, dependent child ceasing to be a dependent under covered employee, proceeding in a bankruptcy under title 11 of the United States Code with respect to an employer from whose employment a covered employee retired at any time.

The Fund provides continued coverage in several circumstances where the individual otherwise would lose coverage and be entitled to COBRA – such as an extension of coverage due to reduction of hours, loss of dependent status or death of a participant. See your Summary Plan Description for more information.

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