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When are vacation checks issued?

New England
Vacation checks are issued each year on December 1.

New York
There are two vacation benefit periods – January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31. Each February and August, the Fund will provide eligible Participants with payment of all amounts contributed on their behalf during the prior vacation benefit period. For example, if your employer contributed $4,500 on your behalf between January 1, 2023, and June 30, 2023, then in August 2023, you will receive payment of $4,500. The Fund may also process late employer contributions at other times. The Fund will generally pay vacation benefits only to a Participant, or a Beneficiary if the Participant is deceased. However, if the Fund is served with a third-party lien, judgment, order, garnishment, execution, or other legal notice which requires payment to a third party, the Fund Office will use the Participant’s vacation benefits to satisfy such obligation before paying the remaining benefits, if any, to the Participant or Beneficiary. You also have the option to have your vacation benefits transferred directly to an account in your name with the Union Building Trades Federal Credit Union as cash, twice per month. To enroll in this program, please contact the Fund Office for the appropriate form.

Why didn’t I get a Vacation check if I worked in the past year under a contributing agreement?

Please contact the Fund Office to be sure the address on record is correct and to request a new check. The post office will not forward a Vacation check, and while we will attempt to get it to you, it is best if you contact us to advise us of your new address. Please note that checks uncashed for 18 months are subject to forfeiture. Also uncashed checks may result in the Fund employing a locator service to attempt to find your current address, if this occurs, then a $50.00 locator fee will be assessed.